Shaune Clarke

Who Is Shaune Clarke?

Shaune is a Father, a Self-Taught, Direct Response Marketing Consultant, a Champion Pinball Wizard, a International Speaker and a Digital Currency Strategist.

He cares deeply about humanity and started a project called…

Shaune Clarke helping a Homeless man
Food Love Humanity Logo

Food. Love. Humanity 

He would take groups out into the streets to find people who were experiencing hunger.

It was a life-changing experience for him when he first did it.

This is how he explains it…

There’s an experience had between 2 people, someone who is hungry and someone with food to offer. There’s a point in the exchange – when their eyes meet. You can feel the heightened emotion present for them both in this moment. For the person offering the food they may even feel their own sense of humanity in a way they hadn’t previously. It can be the moment you realise just that –

The humanity that exists within yourself.

I want more people to experience and know their own sense of humanity. Our lives are so busy it’s an important form of nourishment I feel we’re missing today.

Shaune Clarke

One of the reasons…

Shaune is such an advocate for The TNE Coin and The New Economy because…

He believes it just might offer the opportunity to alleviate some of our stresses,
possibly even give us more time to experience our humanity.

Love, Compassion and Generosity are natural pieces of our humanity and with reduced
stresses our humanity can rise. Our world needs more…

Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Generosity, right now.”

That’s the humanitarian side of Shaune Clarke.

Shaune Clarke
Outside of the box thinker

He’s also known as an intelligent strategist and creator with a strong and multi-faceted background.

He’s an outside-the-box thinker whose 


IE: No matter what he’s working on he’s thinking how to make all the parts work together for maximum efficiency.

Every piece of the architecture ends up being well-considered.

With this mindset and consciousness in place Shaune…

— Consults as a marketing consultant & blockchain tech strategist (with The TNE Coin Digital Currency )

— Has developed numerous transformational workshops, with thousands of students.

– He’s been a guest speaker at many high profile marketing events around the world.

— He’s developed his own emotional clearing technique & taught it to 100’s of people.

— He’s a champion pinball wizard – with record high scores.

— In his early 20’s he created his own unique approach to Colon Cleansing.

— He created a unique gift assessment for people to unlock their hidden genuis